How To Install Anaconda On Windows in 2021?

Anaconda is a distribution of packages designed for data science. It comes with conda, a package, and an environmental manager. We often use Anaconda to create environments for our projects using different Python types or other types of packages. We also use it to install, uninstall, and update packages in our project areas.

In this article, I will be guiding you to install Anaconda on your system.

  1. Firstly, we will download anaconda from here:

  2. Once you land on page, you can scroll down to the bottom and find the option to download anaconda. Click it, and downloading will be started.

  3. Anaconda software is more than 400Mb so it might take some time for downloading and installation. After downloading it, you can go to your system's download folder, open the downloaded file and complete the installation as shown below.

    Anaconda will now be successfully installed in your system. Now 'it's time to check whether it works or not

  4. Search for “anaconda navigator” in your system and open it.
  5. After opening the navigator, you will have to open the jupyter notebook as shown below and create a python file in that notebook itself.

  6. Now 'let's open Spyder using anaconda prompt. Type “anaconda prompt” in the Windows search bar, open it and after opening it type “start spyder

  7. The Spyder window will now be opened. Try writing some python program in spyder.

  8. Now search “Anaconda Powershell prompt”. After the prompt is opened type “pip install pyPDF2”. If you are wondering what is pypdf2. 'It's a package name. After pressing the enter key, you will see a message “successfully built by pyPDF2”

  9. If you want a list of your python package type “pip list” in the anaconda Powershell prompt. Press enter, and here it delivers the list of your packages.

So, this was all about the installation of Anaconda on your system. I hope you guys have well understood how to install anaconda on your Windows 10 computer.

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Thank you!


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