How to Install and Setup Java JDK 15 in Windows 10 in 2021?

Java SE 15 is the latest version for the Java Standard Edition Platform

Without wasting much of your time, I will tell you how to install Java on Windows 10.

Firstly, we will install JDK (Java Development Kit), and along with that, we can optionally install IntelliJ Idea, which facilitates us to write error-free code.

Installing Java on Windows is very easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open Google search and type “Download JDK” as shown in the animation below:

Step 2: Google shows the page from at the top. We have to open this page to download JDK 15, as shown below:

Step 3: After opening this page, you will get the JDK 15 download link. You have to open this link as shown:

Step 4: Once you click on that, you will get the JDK 15 installer for your platform. I will install windows-x64 here because I am using the windows 10 (64 bit) operating system:

Step 5: Once the Java JDK 15 download is complete, the next step is to run the downloaded Java installer executable file.

Note: Follow the instructions in succeeding steps during installation.

Step 6: We have to check if Java is installed correctly or not.
We can do that by typing the “java -version” command in the command prompt, as shown in the animation below:

Step 7: Now, we will add the java installation address to our path environment variable

Step 8: Go to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-15.0.1\bin and copy this address.

Step 9: Now go to the control panel and open “Advanced System Settings”. Now click on environment variables. Click on the path and then click new to add an address to the path. Paste the copied address here to add the Java JDK to the path.

Step 10: Test the Java installation by typing java in the command prompt.

Java has now been installed successfully on your Windows 10. All the best with your java programming. Enjoy!


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