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Mohd at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
Nice blog herry bhai
dkbhardwaj at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
bhai main ek mp3 audio downloader website django ki help se bana raha hu to isme audio song ka url template ke andar kaise use kiya ja sakta hai
Badrinarayan at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
Continue the icoder blog project
Badrinarayan at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
Rajantandan at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
hello! harry bhai plzz upload the icoder project remaining videos
subban358 at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
i want it too
ShivamAg at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
ya bro please coutinue this videos
zarif at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
THANK YOU HARRY BHAI. I have learn how to coding from you.
aman_12345 at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
Harry sir You are so awesome and great.I am inspired by you in the field of programming.I appreciate your hard work to bring this knowledge full and awesome videos for us. <h1> You are the Best. </h1> print("You are awesome.")
nlr at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
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tejaslade at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
sarojb at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
Hi,harry, your videos are excellent especially End-to-End ML project, which gives more insight, thank you for your valuable and creditable work done
ankurmittal at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
Hi Harry, currently my PayTM is not working, due to KYC pending.Once it will done will try to support you at my level and again "You cant pay to your Teacher for his/her Teaching". If you are active on GooglePay /PhonePe, please let me know.
Amardeep at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
I want c and c++ notes
milindeac at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
where should i ask doubts abt python