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Why Learn C Programming Language? : C Tutorial In Hindi #1

So guys, welcome to the first Tutorial of C Programming Playlist. In this tutorial we are going to discuss the benefits of C programming and why should you choose to learn it, while giving you an insight in the language.

I am not going to go over the technical terms that aren’t going to help you in any way, like its release date or about the inventor, but I am going to provide you the knowledge that will help you make your mind, whether you should learn C programming or not.

What is C:

C is one of the fastest programming language as it is close to low-level languages such as Assembly language. If you are already familiar with programming, then you must know the demand out there for a C programmer. Because C comes in handy in case of all the applications that require fast processing, such as games, or major parts of different operating systems.

Benefits of C:

C was developed in early 1970’s but it is still in much demand and it doesn’t seem it is going anywhere, there are a lot of reasons for that such as:

  • C takes only significant CPU time for interpretation. That is why a lot Python libraries such as NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, etc. are built using C.
  • Being close to Machine language, some of its functions including direct access to machine level hardware APIs
  • It is a highly portable language
  • Data structure and algorithm can be better implemented in C language, as you can see in my Data Structures and Algorithms Course Playlist.
  • C is being used to support other programming languages to enhance their efficiency.


Let’s talk about the scope of C, so you may know that you are not wasting for time with this Playlist. C has a wide range of scope

  • Windows, Linux, Mac all are mostly written in C. Linux is written 97% using C.
  • C has also been used widely while creating iOS and Android kernels.
  • MySQL database is written using C.
  • Ruby and Pearl are mostly written using C.
  • Most part of Apache and NGINX is written using C.
  • Embedded Systems are created using C


C gives most of the control in the hand of users. Things like memory allocation and manipulation are totally in the hands of the programmer. Being a flexible language, it provides more access to the programmer because of which it is more efficient.

All of these reasons make C one of the widely used Programming language having special respect in the heart of programmers.


C is not a hard language to learn and along with that it stills has a scope in the future. It is a low-level programming language that makes it more efficient and swifter. So many devices and applications are build completely or partially using C, so there is a wide range of options related to field you want to get into.

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