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Fastest Way To Become a Software Developer


This post will explain how an individual can get into the Software Industry and how a person from noncoding background can make it possible for himself.

About The Software Industry

Software industry's major need is ideas and knowledge to get those ideas executed. Sometimes, even the most experienced people lack the skills required hence, creating the need of better developers.
People with a background of economics/law/commerce/arts can also get into the software industry, reason being the huge demand of quality developers. There's a huge demand of software developers because of the overall digitization of most of the sectors thereby creating an increase in the number of jobs in a very short span of time.


Looking broadly over the software industry, the roles you'd want to possibly settle for would be-

  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • Full Stack Deveoper
  • Data Scientist
  • Devops Developer
  • Software Engineer (specialized in a particular language (C,C++,C sharp,Python etc.) )
  • Test Engineer
  • Security Engineer

So, targeting specifically for an entry level role in one of the above openings would take you a minimum time period of one to two months 

Action Plan

To tackle the part of learning faster and cracking a job at interviews in lesser time the technique we could follow would be of following a learning path.

Transition to Jobs

So, once you have learnt the basics you could go work in the firm for a lower pay scale and adjust with the software culture and the work around there. Then, you can gradually transit into a job role demanding expertise in certain areas by taking out time and learning further for a year or two. You can target the following job role transitions while still working as an entry level developer.


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