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Conclusion & Way Forward | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #102

So, guys, I would like to start this lecture by congratulating you on completing this course. For most of you, this will be your first programming language, and for some, it may be 2nd or 3rd. So, for the viewers who are already familiar with another language, they must have a plan or some reason for which they learned Python. Maybe they want to start Web development using Python, or they have a plan to choose the machine learning side. We have already discussed that Python makes coding in machine learning more comfortable and straightforward with its pandas or Scikit-learn libraries.   

I have made this video specially for views that were new to the world of programming, and they somehow stumbled onto my course, maybe through a friend’s reference or on their own while searching for python tutorials on the internet. Whatever the case, I'm glad that they liked it so much that they watched it till here. Now they are almost done with learning Python, the only thing remaining is their practice and logic development, and that takes time.

Now, as they have learned nearly every concept related to Python, it’s time for them to move on to someplace where they can put their skills into action. In my previous tutorials, I gave you some basic introduction about Machine learning, web development, and GUI making with Python's help. All of these skills will help you a lot if you want to start earning. Python provides us with a wide range of options to choose from. It is being used everywhere. All the well-known companies, in one way or another, uses Python in their site or application. 

So many interactive games are being made using Python, for that we should have some basic knowledge about GUI in Python and some logic-making skills. You will find a lot of courses related to python development on my website, and I will also upload more in the future for your ease. You have to decide what you want to do or in which field you want to excel.

You can not learn Python thoroughly by just completing the course once. You have to watch it again and again because keeping all the concepts in mind is difficult, or some thoughts are challenging to grasp than others. I would recommend you start taking notes, and after each video, you should practice writing your code to help you with your skills. 

If you have come this far in the course, you must be comfortable with my teaching method, so to get notified about any new course that I upload, subscribe to my youtube channel, and keep visiting my website. You can also give your opinion and recommendations in the comment section, and you can also request any tutorial that you want to learn. Let me know about your feedback as they are always encouraging and excellent support for my work and stay updated with CodeWithHarry.

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veeresh 5 months, 3 weeks ago
Congratulate Harry Bhai .Thanks for your Time and efforts . U are a True Inspiration to me.
 I feel no improvement is required bhaiya . The course is Fantastic truely. 
akansha25 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Congratulate Harry Bhai !!


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