Practice Problem 2 (Easy) | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #105

Problem Statement:

Harry potter has got n number of apples. Harry has some students among whom, he wants to distribute the apples. These n number of apples are provided to harry by his friends and he can request for few more or few less apples.

You need to print whether a number in range mn to mx is a divisor of n or not.


Take input n, mn and mx from the user


Print whether the numbers between mn and mx are divisor of n or not. If mn = mx, show that this is not a range and mn is equal to mx. Show the result for that number


If n is 20 and mn=2 and mx = 5

2 is a divisor of 20

3 is not a divisor of 20

5 is a divisor of 20

Code as described/written in the video

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