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Python Practice 2 Solution | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #106

This is the solution to Python Problem # 2. This problem was an easier one just to develop your interest.You can revise the problem statement from below:-

Problem Statement:-

Harry Potter has got the “n” number of apples. Harry has some students among whom he wants to distribute the apples. These “n” number of apples is provided to harry by his friends, and he can request for few more or few less apples.

You need to print whether a number is in range mn to mx, is a divisor of “n” or not.


Take input n, mn, and mx from the user.


Print whether the numbers between mn and mx are divisor of “n” or not. If mn=mx, show that this is not a range, and mn is equal to mx. Show the result for that number.


If n is 20 and mn=2 and mx=5

2 is a divisor of20

3 is not a divisor of 20

5 is a divisor of 20


Code as described/written in the video

apples = int(input("Enter the number of apples\n"))
mn = int(input("Enter the minimum number to check\n"))
mx = int(input("Enter the maximum number to check\n"))

for i in range(mn, mx+1):
    if apples%i == 0:
        print(f"{i} is a divisor of {apples}")
        print(f"{i} is not a divisor of {apples}")

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