Python Problem 3: Solution | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #108

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Code as described/written in the video

# Python practice problem 3 solution

# Take the size of the list from the user
print("Enter the numbers of the list one by one\n")
size = int(input("Enter size of list\n"))

# Initialize a blank list
mylist = []

# Take the input from the user one by one
for i in range(size):
    mylist.append(int(input("Enter list element\n")))

# mylist = [7,3,2, 34, 1,0]
print(f"Your list is {mylist}\n")

reverse1 = mylist[:]

reverse2 = mylist[::-1]
print(f"My First reversed list of {mylist} is {reverse1}")
print(f"My Second reversed list of {mylist} is {reverse2}")

reverse3 = mylist[:]
for i in range(len(reverse3)//2):
    reverse3[i], reverse3[len(reverse3) -i -1] = reverse3[len(reverse3) -i -1], reverse3[i] 
    # print(f"the reversed list at i={i} is {reverse3}")

print(f"My Third reversed list of {mylist} is {reverse3}")
if reverse1 == reverse2 and reverse2 == reverse3:
    print("All three methods give same result\n")

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