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Python Problem 3: Solution | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #108

This is the solution to Python Problem # 3. This may have taken some of your time but it was worth doing. The problem statement is given below:-

Problem Statement:-

You visited a restaurant called CodeWithHarry, and the food items in that restaurant are sorted, based on their amount of calories. You have to reserve this list of food items containing calories.

You have to use the following three methods to reserve a list:

  • Inbuild method of python
  • List name [::-1] slicing trick
  • Swap the first element with the last one and second element with second last one and so on like,

[6 7 8 34 5] -> [5 34 8 7 6]


Take a list as an input from the user

[5, 4, 1]


[1, 4, 5]

[1, 4, 5]

[1, 4, 5]

All three methods give the same results!

Code as described/written in the video

# Python practice problem 3 solution

# Take the size of the list from the user
print("Enter the numbers of the list one by one\n")
size = int(input("Enter size of list\n"))

# Initialize a blank list
mylist = []

# Take the input from the user one by one
for i in range(size):
    mylist.append(int(input("Enter list element\n")))

# mylist = [7,3,2, 34, 1,0]
print(f"Your list is {mylist}\n")

reverse1 = mylist[:]

reverse2 = mylist[::-1]
print(f"My First reversed list of {mylist} is {reverse1}")
print(f"My Second reversed list of {mylist} is {reverse2}")

reverse3 = mylist[:]
for i in range(len(reverse3)//2):
    reverse3[i], reverse3[len(reverse3) -i -1] = reverse3[len(reverse3) -i -1], reverse3[i] 
    # print(f"the reversed list at i={i} is {reverse3}")

print(f"My Third reversed list of {mylist} is {reverse3}")
if reverse1 == reverse2 and reverse2 == reverse3:
    print("All three methods give same result\n")

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