Python Problem 8: Fake Multiplication Tables | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #117

Python Practice problem 8 (Easy, 10 points)

Rohan Das Is A Fraud:

Rohan das is a fraud by nature.

Rohan Das wrote a python function to print a multiplication table of a given number and put one of the values (randomly generated) as wrong.

Rohan Das did this to fool his classmates and make them commit a mistake in a test. You cannot tolerate this!

So you decided to use your python skills to counter Rohan’s actions by writing a python program that validates Rohan’s multiplication table.

Your function should be able to find out the wrong values in Rohan’s table and expose Rohan Das as a fraud.

Note: Rohan’s function returns a list of numbers like this

Rohan Das’s Function Input:


Rohan’s function returns this output:

[6, 12, 18, 26, …., 60]

You have to write a function isCorrect(table, number) and return the index where rohan’s function is wrong and print it to the screen! If the table is correct, your function returns None.

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