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CoronaVirus: Python Programming Solution to the Problem

As we know that the whole world is affected by the coronavirus. In this tutorial, we will learn to program a “Coronavirus Probability Detector” using python and machine learning concepts. This project is very different yet helpful for all of us in such a pandemic situation. As today’s tutorial is about the programming solution related to the Coronavirus Outbreak, so this tutorial is going to be very special. 

We will be using Jupyter Notebook for the initial development and then create UI which tells whether the person has an infection or not based on input features using Virtual Studio Code IDE.

My Idea for the solution of the coronavirus outbreak is:

  • Stop the transmission by prioritizing tests and hence detecting the cases quickly.
  • Data can be collected on the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • A machine learning model is then trained on the data to find out the probability of a person having the infection.
  • The model is then used to find out whom to test for the infection first under a limited testing capacity.
  • The same model can be used to find potential candidate for conducting random tests.

Machine Learning model parameters:-

  • A team of doctors can sit down to find out the best model parameters.
  • A sample set of parameters is as follow:


  • Average Fever-Continous
  • Body Pain-0/1 Binary
  • Age-Discrete
  • Runny Nose
  • Breathing Problem- Categorical: 0/1/-1


  • Probability of COVID-19 Infection

We have used the Machine Learning concepts in this tutorial, if you do not have an idea about machine learning, then you can check my tutorial series about Machine Learning. If you like my work, make sure to check out my courses. Stay safe and keep yourself up to date with codewithharry.

Source Code:

You Can Download The Source Code By Clicking This Link


anas3155 10 months, 4 weeks ago
please share code 
dashrath2000 9 months, 3 weeks ago
code is not available here
prameya12 3 months ago
sir, its throwing an error by writing name 'df' is not defined


  1. - Download here

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