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Break & Continue Statements In Python

“Break and continue statements are used to alter the flow or normal working of a loop, that could be either a “for loop” or “while loop”.

If you are not familiar with the concept of loops, then I would recommend you to go through Tutorial number 16 and 17 of Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi Playlist.

You all know what break and continue means in basic English language. Break means interrupt and continue means resuming after an interrupt. As the meanings of the words can describe that both these functions are totally opposite to each other. Hence, both of these keywords are mostly defined together, like “if and else” or “try and except”, but unlike the others, their functionality is quite opposite to each other. They aren’t even used together in most of the cases like “except” couldn’t be used if there is no “try” or “else” couldn’t be if there isn’t an “if” statement present, but in cases of “break and continue”, they both do not have any such relation. They may be defined together but not mostly used together.

Defining break statement, break statement alters the normal functionality of the loops by terminating or exiting the loop containing it. The compiler then moves on to the code that is placed after the body of the loop. The syntax of break is only a single word i.e. “break”. Break statement is rather easy and simple to understand than a continue statement as it just leaves the bunch of code written after it inside the loop and the control of the program is then shifted to the statement written after the loop.

            Continue statement also alters the flow of a normal working loop but unlike the break statement, it takes the compiler to the start of the code that has already been executed before the statement but is inside the loop boundary. All the code written after the continue statement is skipped but it is worth noting that the continue statement works only for a single iteration. Unless in situations where it's written with decision statements such as if, else, etc., in those situations the continue statement will totally be dependent upon the condition of the decision statement. Its syntax is also plain and easy like a break statement as you only have to use the keyword “continue”.

Where and when can these statements come in handy:

            When you are working with a big project, there might occur a situation where you only need to use the loop partially without adding new or removing already existing lines of codes. You can easily apply the break statement in your code so that you can partially run it without any sort of error.

Or in another situation lets suppose you are working with while loop printing some lines on the screen and you want to skip an iteration in between others, then you can write the continue statement using an “if” statement that matches your need so that you can skip the specific iteration.

Code file as described in the video

# list1 = [ ["Harry", 1], ["Larry", 2],
#           ["Carry", 6], ["Marie", 250]]
# dict1 = dict(list1)
# for item in dict1:
#     print(item)
# for item, lollypop in dict1.items():
#     print(item, "and lolly is ", lollypop)
items = [int, float, "HaERRY", 5,3, 3, 22, 21, 64, 23, 233, 23, 6]

for item in items:
    if str(item).isnumeric() and item>=6:


SachinJ 1 year, 1 month ago
    a= input("enter the number")
    if( int(a)<100):
sahib007 1 year, 1 month ago
harry bhai code to chande hi nhi ho rh h source code k
Manav_Seng 8 months, 1 week ago
Name: Manav Sengupta


    Input_Number = int(input("Enter a Number"))
    print("Congratulations you have Entered a number greater than 100")

print(147*"*"+"\n*"+145*" "+"*\n*"+9*" "+"Thanks for checking out my code, and a ton of thanks to CodewithHarry Channel for all the Quality Content for Free"+22*" "+"*\n*"+145*" "+"*\n"+147*"*") # Gratitude
Vivek-Mishra 4 months, 2 weeks ago
Full Notes and Source Code: Remaining Codes will be updated Soon. Thanks, Harry Bhai for Awesome Tutorials
Vivek-Mishra 4 months, 2 weeks ago
12345678 3 months, 1 week ago
Bhai kuchh sikhne ko mil raha tha but ab o v milega plz link sources codes provide ?
kunjshah 2 months, 1 week ago
#To check the number is greater than 100 or not using while loop(and using break and continue)

    print("Enter the number:")
    if num<=100:
        print("OOPS!The number is less than 100. Enter the number again")
        print("Congratulations your number is above 100")


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