Downloading Python and Pycharm Installation

So, In this tutorial we’ll download and install python and PyCharm.

First of all download Python :

  • Go to this link -
  • From the above link download latest version of Python
  • After visiting this link simply click on download python button
  • Your download will start..

Now, Let’s download Pycharm :

Pycharm – It’s one of the best Integrated Development Environment for Python Language. It is developed by the Czech company JetBrains.


After that simply install them like any other normal software.


After Installing both Python:

  • Open terminal (Powershell) and then type ‘Python’ and press Enter.

You should see the output like this .. 

If you are getting and kind of pip error then watch this video –

Then Install Pycharm like any other software and do not make any change while installing it.

And that’s all you have your Python and Pycharm installed on your computer.

For more details watch complete video. :)



bdm9391 at 2019-06-23 09:30:09 says
In this tutorial at 07:48, you have suggested not to choose "Virtual Environment" and suggested to select "Existing Interpreter". Is there any specific reason behind to choose "Existing Interpreter" ?