*args and **kwargs In Python

Code file as described in the video

# def function_name_print(a, b, c, d, e):
#     print(a, b, c, d, e)

def funargs(normal, *argsrohan, **kwargsbala):
    for item in argsrohan:
    print("\nNow I would Like to introduce some of our heroes")
    for key, value in kwargsbala.items():
        print(f"{key} is a {value}")

# function_name_print("Harry", "Rohan", "Skillf", "Hammad", "Shivam")

har = ["Harry", "Rohan", "Skillf", "Hammad",
       "Shivam", "The programmer"]
normal = "I am a normal Argument and the students are:"
kw = {"Rohan":"Monitor", "Harry":"Fitness Instructor",
      "The Programmer": "Coordinator", "Shivam":"Cook"}
funargs(normal, *har, **kw)

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