Multiple Inheritance | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #61


Code as described/written in the video

class Employee:
    no_of_leaves = 8
    var = 8

    def __init__(self, aname, asalary, arole): = aname
        self.salary = asalary
        self.role = arole

    def printdetails(self):
        return f"The Name is {}. Salary is {self.salary} and role is {self.role}"

    def change_leaves(cls, newleaves):
        cls.no_of_leaves = newleaves

    def from_dash(cls, string):
        return cls(*string.split("-"))

    def printgood(string):
        print("This is good " + string)

class Player:
    var = 9
    no_of_games = 4
    def __init__(self, name, game): = name =game

    def printdetails(self):
        return f"The Name is {}. Game is {}"

class CoolProgramer(Player, Employee):

    language = "C++"
    def printlanguage(self):

harry = Employee("Harry", 255, "Instructor")
rohan = Employee("Rohan", 455, "Student")

shubham = Player("Shubham", ["Cricket"])
karan = CoolProgramer("Karan",["Cricket"])
# det = karan.printdetails()
# karan.printlanguage()
# print(det)


nazishali 2 months, 1 week ago
Hi Harry, Please remove this error from here.... This video is not working


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