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Exercise 7: Solution & First Solver | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #78

Healthy Programmer. A program we coders definitely require. The problem statement to the exercise is:

Assume that a programmer works at the office from 9-5 pm. We have to take care of his health and remind him three things,

  • To drink a total of 3.5-liter water after some time interval between 9-5 pm.
  • To do eye exercise after every 30 minutes.
  • To perform physical activity after every 45 minutes.


The task is to create a program that plays mp3 audio until the programmer enters the input which implies that he has done the task.

  • For Water, the user should enter “Drank”
  • For Eye Exercise, the user should enter “EyDone”
  • For Physical Exercise, the user should enter “ExDone”

After the user entered the input, a file should be created for every task separately, which contains the details about the time when the user performed a certain task.


  • You will have to manage the clashes between the reminders. Such that no two reminders play at the same time.
  • Use pygame module to play audio.

Code as described/written in the video

#Healthy Programmer
# 9am - 5pm
# Water - water.mp3 (3.5 litres) - Drank - log - Every 40 min
# Eyes - eyes.mp3 - every 30 min - EyDone - log - Every 30 min
# Physical activity - physical.mp3 every - 45 min - ExDone - log
# Rules
# Pygame module to play audio

from pygame import mixer
from datetime import datetime
from time import time

def musiconloop(file, stopper):
    while True:
        input_of_user = input()
        if input_of_user == stopper:

def log_now(msg):
    with open("mylogs.txt", "a") as f:
        f.write(f"{msg} {}\n")

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # musiconloop("water.mp3", "stop")
    init_water = time()
    init_eyes = time()
    init_exercise = time()
    watersecs = 40*60
    exsecs = 30*60
    eyessecs = 45*60

    while True:
        if time() - init_water > watersecs:
            print("Water Drinking time. Enter 'drank' to stop the alarm.")
            musiconloop('water.mp3', 'drank')
            init_water = time()
            log_now("Drank Water at")

        if time() - init_eyes >eyessecs:
            print("Eye exercise time. Enter 'doneeyes' to stop the alarm.")
            musiconloop('eyes.mp3', 'doneeyes')
            init_eyes = time()
            log_now("Eyes Relaxed at")

        if time() - init_exercise > exsecs:
            print("Physical Activity Time. Enter 'donephy' to stop the alarm.")
            musiconloop('physical.mp3', 'donephy')
            init_exercise = time()
            log_now("Physical Activity done at")


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