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Converting .py to .exe | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #87

Today we will discuss the process of converting a python i.e., the .py file into an executable or .exe file. Let us start with the introduction of the .exe file. In windows, .exe is an extension used for executable files. It is one of the most common file extensions used for almost all kinds of software and applications programs and also setups.

Now let’s come to the purpose of the conversion. We create lots of Python programs and want to share it with the world. If we're going to convert our python program into an application that can be run in any computer without the IDE or even installing Python itself, we must convert it to .exe. All the apps and programs we use in our computer are written using some language or code, but we do not have to install the particular language for the program to run.

Steps to Create an Executable from Python Script using Pyinstaller

Step 1: Install the Pyinstaller Package

The first step is to install the module pyinstaller. For this, we will create or destinate a folder and open our power shell window there using shift + mouse right-click.



Now we will run the following command for our module installation.

pip install pyinstaller



Step 2: Save your Python Script

Right-click on the screen and then new and text document to create a .txt file and write the python script. We can save our python script in a text file, too, for the conversion, it does not necessarily have to be a .py file, but the code in it should be of Python. Now open the power shell window and write the following commands.

python .\main.txt

the code written in the main.txt file will execute.



Step 3: Create the Executable using Pyinstaller

As we want a .exe file. So we are going to run the following command.

pyinstaller main.txt



It will show us a few warnings, as shown in the image below. Along with that, it could be a little time-consuming in case of bigger programs. We should not avoid the warnings as they can be a security threat later on. You can search for the meaning of the given warning by searching it on the internet. Sometimes software causes problems while installing the pyinstaller module. The reason for this might be the incomplete installation of for that check; my pip is not recognized error solution video for the solution.