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Machine Learning & Data Science Learning Path | Python Tutorials For Absolute Beginners In Hindi #99

Today we are going to learn about Machine Learning & Data Science Learning Path by Python. As you know that our Python course for absolute beginners has almost completed, and now it is time for you to decide which path you want to adapt to convert your skills to action. In the upcoming tutorials, we will discussed Web development path and GUI development. In this one, I will give you a brief understanding of Machine learning and data science path so you can adapt a track of your choice according to your interest.

I will start by giving you an introduction to Machine Learning. You must have heard about Artificial Intelligence. There is a common saying that artificial intelligence will one day take over the world. The primary purpose of artificial intelligence is to make machines act like humans. Giving them the capability to think and take decisions according to statistics and their knowledge. Making them intelligent so that they can make decisions on their own without any command.

Machine learning is a significant application or sub-field of Artificial Intelligence. It gives programs the ability to learn and improve themselves on their own without any new programming being updated in them. In machine learning, we write algorithms and provide them with training data. With the help of training data, they train their model to predict the outputs related to the same kind of data in the future. It is one of the vast and fast-growing fields.

In machine learning, we have to work with a large number of data, so our main focus remains on writing efficient code to save time and make our program's speed faster. For this purpose, we use Python NumPy library that includes support for large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices along with higher-level mathematical functions, written in predefined C binaries. C is a low-level programming language, so it resembles more with computer language, making it faster than other high-level languages.

Now the other important feature that the NumPy package provides us with is pandas. It helps us store our data in a tabular form in the form of rows and columns, and while using a range of input and output data, it is beneficial.

In Python, we usually work with a large number of data, so to store such a large amount of data, we have to use a database. For that purpose, we have to learn about Python MySQL that will serve our purpose of storing the data in the database for easy and fast retrieval.

For more details and explanations of Machine Learning, you can visit the course that I designed, especially for Machine Learning.



Or for Data Science




In conclusion, I would recommend you not worry about any previous education or degree because the thing that matters the most is our interest if you have a certain level of interest in AI or Machine learning or Data Science then you should opt for these courses.

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